Saturday, April 09, 2011

The (Almost) Federal Government Shutdown

Whew, that was close. So a deal was brokered to cut spending at the 11th hour, and the tourists can still visit the Washington Monument, tax refunds will be processed, and troops will get paid.

There are, of course, problems with this.
First is that the deal is a short term solution, a continuing resolution (CR) for six months. That brings us to next October. So we are going to continue our politics of constant crisis. This phenomena is really the transformational element of the way we conduct politics, and thus government in the last twenty years. A crisis, real or imagined,
The second issue is that this illustrated the biggest problem with our political moment. Once again, social issue warfare so sucked up the air in this circular firing squad that the real issue is ignored.

With people like John Kyl spreading misinformation like PP using 90% of its budget on abortion services, it is no wonder that people are outraged at mis-allocation of taxpayer resources. The problem is that is just isn't remotely true.

No, the big problem is how this is yet another example of the political showdown as continual crisis, and how social issues once again have been used by legislators in service to the disproportionately powerful in this country. Keep the regular folk confused, frightened and at war with each other over issues presented disingenuously or worse through the Big Lie. Give the people  Panem et Circenses, and they will never ask a thing, or notice for that matter.

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